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The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and dry cough.

Some patients may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea. These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually.

Also the symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure.

High Fever

This means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature). It is a common sign and also may appear in 2-10 days if you affected.


Continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual).

Shortness of breath

Difficulty breathing – Around 1 out of every 6 people who gets COVID-19 becomes seriously ill and develops difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.

Sore Throat

A sore throat is pain, scratchiness or irritation of the throat that often worsens when you swallow. The most common cause of a sore throat (pharyngitis) is a viral infection, such as a cold or the flu.



Bauchi State isolation centre is equipped

Bauchi State isolation centre is equipped with the facilities, including ventilators and essentials needed to cater for the patients


Commissioner for Information and Communications, Bauchi State

Two came out remain positive and were recorded as new ones for us,

“From the samples that were sent to Abuja for testing as part of the evaluation of the existing cases, two came out remain positive and were recorded as new ones for us,”

H/E (Sen.) baba tela

Deputy Governor, Bauchi State - Nigeria

my second test for #COVID19 returned negative

“I just received the green light. My second test for #COVID19 returned negative,” he said on Twitter. “I thank you all for your prayers and support even while I was in isolation. Most importantly, all the praises and thanks be to Allah –the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.


Executive Governor of Bauchi State - Nigeria

We have been having three cases in Bauchi, later they (NCDC) added three

“We have been having three cases in Bauchi, later they (NCDC) added three, that made it six. We didn’t accept the three cases because there were discrepancies in the result, though we have had underground communication with them.

Dr Mohammed Maigoro Aliyu

Commissioner for Health, Bauchi State

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